Visit us at 332 Mimbres Drive, White Rock NM 87544. Due to COVID-19 tanning beds will no longer be available. Please join us at our new location for the same high quality service LA Tan & More’s customers have become accustomed to.


To enhance or extend your natural nails we offer; acrylic and gel overlays, tips, and sculpting.


Emma™ the next generation nail polish. A 7-Free product with long lasting results.

Shellac® Hybrid Nail Color applies like polish, lasts flawlessly for 14 days of high-performance wear, has a crystal shine, amazing 5-minute removal, and will not damage your nails if removed by a professional.

Vinylux® is a breakthrough polish that lasts for 7 days without a base coat! The patent pending technology works with natural light to create an enduring, long-lasting polish.


We customize a manicure according to your needs. A basic manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care, buffing, moisturizer, and your choice of polish or buffing your nails to a natural shine. If you have the time for a little extra pampering try a spa manicure. A spa manicure includes a relaxing hand massage, which will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


The mini pedicure, which takes place in a private room, includes a soothing foot soak, nail shaping, basic foot filing, cuticle care, moisturizer, and a long lasting polish or buffing of your toenails to natural shine. Looking for extra relaxation and rejuvenation choose the Spa Pedicure. A spa pedicure includes a foot and calf massage while listening to soothing music in addition to the services listed above. A spa pedicure also relieves tension and improves circulation while leaving your feet feeling light and revitalized.



LA Tan & More uses Cirepil® wax for all your waxing needs. Facial Eurose Wax is a stripless wax for dry, sensitive skin. It is formulated with titanium dioxide which makes it ideal for all skin and hair types and easy to apply for quick and efficient waxing. Cirepil Intimate 4 Wax is gentle and effective for bikini, Brazilian and large area waxing. It contains cicasepticalm complex, coconut oil for moisterizing, rosemary extract as an antimicrobial, and sunflower seed oil for skin conditioning. Gentle and effictive for all skin types.

Nails Price Menu:

Time Description Price
15 min. polish change $17
30 min. shellac polish change $30
1 hr. acrylics full set $50
1 hr. acrylics full set + pink + whites $60
30 min. to 1 hr. acrylics rebase $33
1 hr. gel full set + pink + whites $50
acrylic nail repair (per nail) $9
1 hr. + specialty nails full set $65
specialty nail art, depending on detail (per nail) $8 +
1 hr. specialty full set + pink + whites $50
30 min. basic manicure $33 + up
45 min. basic manicure w/ shellac polish $35
45 min. spa manicure $50 + up
15 min nail clip only $20
30 min. basic pedicure $33
1 hr. spa pedicure $50 + up

$5 discount for manicure and pedicure scheduled in cunjunction.

Body Wax Price Menu:

Name Description Price
face eyebrows $20
face lip $20
face chin $20
face sideburns $20
face full face $33
arms half $30
arms full $55
arms underarms $30
legs half $55 + up*
legs full $75 + up*
torso bikini $33 + up*
torso brazillian $75 + up*

*dependent on growth


For the safety of our customers and staff please observe the following while visiting LA Tan & More:

About Us

Roberta Rivera, Owner/Nails/Wax

How many years have you been in business?
30 years
How many years have you been doing nails?
29 Years.
What is your most memorable customer experience?
I have had so many over the years. When someone comes in and has had a terrible incident in their lives I enjoy giving them the service for free. They can't believe it and it puts a smile back on their face.
What is your favorite color of nail polish?
Tartum Punk
What most fun/challenging nails you have ever done?
Inlayed stilleto nails
What do you recommend to your clients to extend nail life?
Moisturize both hands and cuticles.

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